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Crown of Aragon Grain Prices

A major component of this project has been the collecting and compiling of a large quantity of new grain price data. Often such information comes from sources where only a few data can be gathered, rather than from a consistent series. There are a few other projects that have gathered excellent data around Catalonia for the fourteenth century. I have compiled the chief works from the bibliography of the book into a smaller bibliography of grain prices HERE.  The price data available here comes chiefly from two archives: the Capitular Archive of the Barcelona cathedral and the archive of the monastery of Sant Pere de les Puel·les currently just outside the city.  While the Cathedral archive material is only available in Barcelona itself, the monastery's archive is also almost entirely microfilmed at the Hill Museum and Manuscript Library at St. John's University in Minnesota.

The data from the Monastery of Sant Pere de les Puel·les comes exclusively from the Llibres d'Abadesses series - a collection of administrative books that record the expenses and income of the monastery.  The data from the Cathedral come from several different series, including local record books for the Castle of Sitges (for which both the price data and the agricultural harvest yields are explained and available HERE).  However, the largest single source of price data are the large administrative books that similarly record the overall yearly income and expenses for all properties held by the Pia Almoina, the hospital of the cathedral.  These records are in the series: Arxiu Capitular de Barcelona; V. Pia Almoina; B. Administració; 2. Sortides; C. Majordomia.


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