I am Adam Franklin-Lyons, associate professor of history at Emerson College.  This webpage contains a number of different projects, data, and other information about my professional historical work.  Since graduate school, I have focused primarily on the social and economic history of the Crown of Aragon. 

I have worked mainly on two projects.  The first is the study of famine, including agricultural practice, grain trade, and other factors involved in the late-medieval food supply.  This work resulted in a book manuscript (and other articles) that has its own page HERE.  While I still work on famine, I have also been working more recently on communication in the Crown of Aragon, including the spread of news, secrecy or rumors, and the control of information especially by urban councils.  This work is part of a larger collaborative project at Wesleyan University called the Travelers Lab.

I am also currently working with the EmDigit project on early modern itineraries.

If you want to contact me, my basic information is on my work-bio page.