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Shortage and Famine in the Late Medieval Crown of Aragon

Welcome to the landing page for the supplementary material and datasets to the book, Shortage and Famine in the Late Medieval Crown of Aragon.  In the notes of the text itself, there are two references back to this page.  The first is to grain prices gathered from a couple of main sources in the Crown of Aragon.  The second is to a more specific set of records concerning the planting and harvest practices for the Castle of Sitges (owned in the second half of the fourteenth century by the hospital of the Cathedral of Barcelona, known as the Pia Almoina).  Both of those datasets, along with some supplementary visualizations of that data are available in the first two links.  The remaining links are other pieces of data, supplementary visualizations, and other bits and pieces that did not fit in the text as published, but might provide further insight into the arguments of the book.  I have also (when possible) provided the original data compiled from the primary sources in downloadable csv files, easily readable by a variety of spreadsheet programs (excel, google sheets, etc.)

Main Links:

Grain Price Data (link for chapter 2, footnote 30)

     NB: This data also contains most of the purchases used in most graphs in chapter three, five, and six, as well.

Sitges Agricultural Data (link for chapter 2, footnote 122)

Supplementary Material:

Original Language for longer Quotes (coming soon)